Phase 2: Corrective Care

Phase 2

The treatment of your initial symptoms is the easiest part of your care.  If we were to stop our treatment immediately after the reduction of pain, then the chances of the condition reoccurring are much greater.  In order to prevent the rapid recurrence of symptoms, it is necessary for us to continue providing care even after your initial symptoms are gone.

During the corrective care phase of your treatments you will not have to receive adjustments or therapy as often as you did during the treatment of the initial symptoms.  Depending upon your individual circumstances, you may begin doing rehabilitative exercises including stretches either at our facility or in your own home.  This will help to accelerate your healing process.

Do not be discouraged if you have occasional mild relapses to your symptoms.  This is completely normal to the process.  Your body has not fully healed and will take anywhere from few months to a couple of years to recover completely.